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     training experience …
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  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Train-the-Facilitator
  • On-line
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CPS’ Core Training




Terrific Training Tips:
  • "Training is a critical process within the business. The quality requirement for training is no different than the quality requirement for any other critical process". (Mike Wills – Managing the Training Process)

  • "Training is like baking a cake…you don’t always have to stick to the recipe. You just have to trust your instincts". (Eileen Goudge)

  • With training, the audience will forgive you almost anything, if you…
    • know the material
    • are enthusiastic
    • are prepared

CPS Delivers Exceptional Training…
We’re Passionate About  It!

We provide customer-focused training delivery and development for individuals and organizations in the United States and beyond.

Our instructors have over 30 years experience in delivering training in community, college and corporate environments.  Our numerous certifications, awards and excellent Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) separate us from the rest.  However, it is our passion for making training productive and fun that offers our customers something extra!

Our Training Approach:

We take pride in our experience, partners, quality, content, flexibility and variety…

  • Categories: we provide training in many areas, whether soft or hard skills, technical or non-technical, organizational, managerial, team or  individually focused.
  • Format: many of our courses can be adjusted and delivered in a variety of formats:
    • A one hour ‘lunch-and-learn’
    • A ½ day seminar
    • A 1 – 4 day class
    • A week long ‘boot camp’
  • Type: CPS can provide you with stand-up, on-line and / or virtual training alternatives for many of our classes
  • Experience: what sets CPS lead instructors apart from the rest is that they have not only developed or taught the subject, they have ‘experienced’ it, having had many of the following assignments:
    • Manager, Supervisor, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Facilitator, Process Specialist, Consultant, SME, Programmer, etc.
    • Over 30 years of  IT work, teaching, facilitating, consulting
    • Reputation as key Subject Matter Expert (having trained many others)
  • Quality:  For over 30 years, CPS lead instructors have developed and delivered world-class training, received numerous commendations and exceptional ratings.  We have also developed courses endorsed by the IIBA.

Training Development

We develop and customize dynamic training courses to meet the needs of organizations.  Having assessed the needs of our customers, we develop training seminars and classes that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Training Delivery

Our core training classes currently delivered are business analysis courses and project management courses.  We can also offer you other categories of training.

Note: Companies…call ( us at 248) 352-9917 to  us to learn how to take advantage of significant discounts for on-site training or GSA pricing. Also, to discuss your own customized training needs.

CPS’ Train-the-Trainer(T3) Boot Camp

Note: Keep checking back for our valuable Train-the-Trainer’s (T3) Blog, providing ‘pearls of wisdom’ for anyone wishing to significantly improve as a trainer / instructor.

With many years of experience and impressive, professional certifications and credentials in training and facilitation, (including from the world’s largest train-the-trainer company), CPS offers our exciting Train-the-Trainer boot camp. Similar to our facilitation workshop, this one is highly interactive and participative.  It provides you with all the practice and skills needed to be a successful trainer.

Focus of this Workshop - Our 12 Step Program for Guaranteed Training Success!
We are confident that once you complete this workshop, you will be well equipped to begin achieving immediate success as a great trainer / instructor!  What makes us so sure?  We provide success tips and techniques, focusing on the following 12 key disciplines:

1. Motivation: we help you find your own personal motivation for teaching and show you how to tap into this for energy, excitement, enthusiasm and passion that will all contribute to your success as a trainer.

2. Preparation: this is a must!  It is imperative that you have a plan, an approach, that you do your homework, that you know your subject very well and “hit the ground running”.

3. Organization: order and structure are your ‘friends’, when it comes to training.  They can go a long way in helping you look like you know what you’re doing.

4. Initiation: you could either win them over or lose them completely in the first few minutes of your welcome and introductions.  We teach you how to win them over and keep them engaged throughout.

5. Orientation:  a great trainer takes the time to ground the team, set and manage expectations, discuss the agenda, approach, goals, objectives and team guidelines.

6. Communication: we have a wonderfully simplistic, yet amazingly effective tool to help you understand if your training style comes across as Aggressive or Assertive; also, you learn about your communication style (i.e. Direct, Spirited, Considerate, Systematic), its strengths and weaknesses.

7. Presentation: after knowing your communication style, we teach you how to present with power, passion and pizzazz (and power point)!

8. Observation: you will learn the importance of always being alert as to what’s really going on in your classroom (paying attention to body language, lack of participation, team dynamics, etc.)  or, if nothing is actually going on!

9. Participation:  want to know how to get fantastic class participation, every time, no matter the subject, be it technical or non-technical?  We provide you with proven techniques to do just that!

10. Facilitation: a great instructor is also a master facilitator, knowing how to successfully manage time, gather ideas and feedback, encourage questioning and handle conflicts. We help you master all of these, as well as lot’s of other facilitative skills that add to your trainer / instructor’s ‘tool bag’.

11. Demonstration / Application:  teaching these tools and techniques alone is not enough. What is so valuable about this boot-camp is the many practice sessions and actual opportunities for demonstration and ‘hands-on’ learning.  You learn in the ‘comfort zone’ of the work-shop, receiving valuable feedback from fellow students.  You also receive written feedback from us that will ensure that you (1) know your strengths and flaunt them and (2) that you recognize your weaknesses and fix them.

12. Evaluation:  a great instructor knows how to receive and accept feedback and comments from students, but most importantly, use this information for continuous improvement and personal growth.