A Few World-wide Clients
  • United States
    • Ford
    • Medtronic
    • Motorola
    • CISCO
    • Nationwide
    • Shell Oil
  • Canada
    • DaimlerChrysler
  • England
    • Credit Suisse
  • Malaysia
    • Exxon Mobil
  • South Africa
    • Institute of International Research
  • Kenya
    • Safaricom

Our Johannesburg,
South Africa Assignment

Our Nairobi, Kenya Assignment


Some of the same business process challenges and issues faced by organizations here in the U.S. are also faced by organizations around the world.  CPS is proud to have stepped up to these challenges, having been offered assignments with ESI-International (in the U.S, England, Africa and Malaysia), as well as other assignments in Canada and France. 
We recently returned from two, wonderfully successful assignments in Africa:

1. October / 2009: consulting and teaching Business Analysis for client, Institute of International Research (IIR) in Johannesburg, South Africa

2. November / 2009: two weeks consulting and teaching Business Analysis, Use Case Modeling, Testing Techniques for Validating Requirements and Strategic Enterprise Analysis for client, Safaricom in Nairobi, Kenya

Based on this success, we expect to be returning to Africa, as well as Dubai in 2010! 
There is no doubt…clients around the world have recognized the value and appreciated the immediate results achieved from CPS’ world-class training and consulting services. Africa was not  ‘all work and no play’!  Yes, we did get to experience two unbelievable African safaris!

Here are CPS’ Core Training and Consulting Services:

TRAINING CLASSES:  we provide both onsite and public classes in various curriculums (on-line and virtual training is offered in select curriculums).

  • Business Analysis:  a key category of training delivery for CPS is Business Analysis. The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) defines business analysis as:

    The set of tasks, knowledge and techniques required to identify business needs and determine solutions to a business problem.” 

    • A business analyst  (BA) works as a liaison among stakeholders in order to elicit, analyze, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies and information systems
    • We currently offer business analysis courses to assist the BA in successfully bridging the gap of understanding between the business needs and the technology

  • Project Management: business analysis is most often conducted within the context of a project.  The Project Management Institute (PMI) defines a project as:
  • “A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result”

  • Other Categories of Training: while business analysis and project management courses are our primary focus, we also provide training in the following disciplines:
    • Business Skills
    • Program Management
    • Contract Management
    • Team Building

Please review the courses in CPS’ Other Categories of Training section for specific classes in these curriculums, how to get course descriptions and outlines and other detailed information.  Also, call us at (248) 352-9917 to acquire this information as well.

SPECIALIZED SERVICES:  we are able to customize and offer the following additional services to individuals and / or organizations:

  • Assessments: we assist organizations with reviewing their core business processes to identify and address gaps in their training and consulting needs; we assist you with developing a cost-effective, yet value-added training approach to reap immediate benefits.

  • Facilitation Services: we can provide professional facilitative services to assist organizations with meetings, conferences, town halls, strategic planning, JAD (Joint Application Development) sessions, etc.

  • Facilitation Classes and Boot Camp: we provide a two-day class to teach the fundamentals of facilitating various sessions; our boot camp (varying between three to five days) is a dynamic, intensive and participative workshop that provides everything needed to assist individuals in becoming successful facilitators.

  • Train the Trainer: similar to our facilitation workshop, this session is interactive and intense, yet provides all the skills and applications needed to become a successful trainer.

  • Image Consulting: our skills in image consulting allows us to coach and advise individuals and organizations on creating the image they desire.

  • “Lunch and Learns”:  we provide exciting, creative and interesting topics that serve as the basis for lunch-time seminars. While primarily designed for the lunch hour, many of these topics can be offered in workshops, varying from 4 hours to several days. We work with other qualified professionals (i.e. nutritionists, fitness experts, make-up artists, stylist, image consultants, other SME’s) to present relevant and fun topics. While we customize to your needs and interests, listed below are some current offerings:
    • Fitness Simplified…What’s in it for you?
    • Your Complete New Year Makeover…New Look… New Attitude!
    • So, What’s Up With Social Networking?
    • To Twitter, or not to Twitter…that is the question
    • Stress Management (Yoga, and other tips & techniques)
    • Introducing Golf as…a SECRET, but FUN stress buster!
    • ‘Dress for Success’…(including body style & wardrobe analysis)
    • What’s my SEASON? (Hair, Skin & Eye Color Analysis)
    • What Really Is Business Casual?
    • Image is Everything!  The brand called “YOU”
    • DISC Training (Personality profile)
    • Putting Your Best Communications Skills Forward
    • What’s Your Communications Style?
    • Knowing and Navigating Negotiating
    • Exploring Your ‘Inner Entrepreneur’
    • Marketing 101
    • Finding the Leader in You
    • Leadership Lessons for Women
    • Presentations with POP, POWER & PIZZAZ!
    • How to Handle ‘Negativeholics’
    • Assertiveness vs. Aggressiveness
    • Valuing Diversity
    • Team Dynamics….What’s Your Role?
    • So, You Want To Be A Great Teacher, Huh? (or Facilitator)

  • Coaching and Consulting: we provide professional, results-oriented coaching and consulting (on a variety of subjects) to individuals and organizations.

  • Motivational Speaking: With all of our experience, (life and work), training, accomplishments and passion, CPS is able to offer you motivational speakers who can really ‘work a crowd’. We have spoken many times, on a world stage with rave reviews! (i.e. At Safaricom in Nairobi, Kenya, Mary Kay Cosmetics Sales Seminars, Judge Greg Mathis Job Fair, colleges & universities, Fortune 100 companies, Wisconsin IIBA Conference, to name a few). Let us know if you want more detail or would like us to provide references.

Please contact us at (248) 352-9917 if you are interested in any of our training, consulting, speaking or other services.